Empresa Santa Lucía has a Water Jet Cutting machine with a bedplate of 3000 x 2000 mm and a thickness of up to 100 mm. Water Jet Cutting allows the careful cutting of any metallic material without any heat exchange or thermal conductivity, which means that the structure of the metal remains intact without any straining or deformation along the sheet. Cutting by means of this system is so precise that the subsequent processing of the material is unnecessary.

As Empresa Santa Lucía has 3 saws for cutting bars of different diameters we can provide a service of cutting to measure in the form of bars, which makes it easier for our clients to acquire the multiples or the disk at the length they need.


We are experts in the product and its applications
We have a large amount of stock combined with a fast and flexible distribution service supported by top European manufacturers
Quick, friendly, and personalised attention
We honour our commitments
Proven reputation
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